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Emji the Gleek.

Okay, it’s been over a week now since I started watching Glee and boy did I enjoy every waking hours of watching it! I know, huling huli na ako sa uso. Hindi ko kasi trip yung maki-sakay sa uso. Pag gusto ng maraming tao, ayoko na. Ayoko kasi ng maraming ka-share. At ayoko din ng nasi-stereotype. xD

I liked almost every song that the Glee cast sang. Though I don’t (and will never be able to tell) know what the genre’s of those songs are (or were.. sorry for the wrong grammar.. hehe!), I listened to the songs intently so I can memorize the lyrics of the song. Heck, I was also having goosebumps while listening and watching the cast sing and dance to the songs. Now, I can officially say that I am a GLEEK! Haha!

3 songs are actually the culprit why I was hooked on Glee. I don’t know if these are originals but one thing is for sure, I loved these songs so much, I play it on my phone on repeat mode. Haha! The songs I’m talking about are Maybe This Time (April Rhodes played by Kristin Chenoweth), Alone (April Rhodes again and Will Schuester played by Matthew Morrison) and Defying Gravity (Kurt Hummel played by Chris Colfer and Rachel Berry played by Lea Michele).

Maybe This Time was (I think) a cabaret song and boy it blew me away when Kristin Chenoweth sang it! And it actually surprised me that I love listening to cabaret songs pala. I suddenly remembered that I used to listen to this type of songs pala since my Ninong loves listening to this when I was young. Though I can’t remember the titles of those songs, I can still remember how the songs were played. Haha! Labo ata.. xD

I loved Will and April’s duet of Alone. Their voices blended so good that I was almost at the verge of crying while listening to the song. xD

Defying Gravity.. I can’t really explain why I loved the song. I just loved how Kurt and Rachel’s voices also blended when they sang it.

If I were to rate Glee, I say I’d give it a 9/10. I recommend this series to those who love watching musicals and likes to sing. Haha! Till here!!

Emji the Gleek!! xD

Credits to my sis, Jam, for the image!! n___n