To the Silver couple, Congratulations!!

Today will mark my Mom and Dad’s 25th year of being together.

Imagine, 25 years of living together and raising 3 adorable children. Yep. I still consider myself adorable, thank you very much.

I am so proud that they are still together and living happily in one roof. I know that they may not be the perfect couple but I can confidently say that they are THE BEST COUPLE that I had ever seen.

Marami na silang pinagdaanan na trials but still, they stood together and faced everything head on and now, they are reaping what they sow. Naging blessings sila hindi lang sa aming magkakapatid kundi na rin sa ibang tao. I am truly blessed dahil naging anak nila ako, kami and I will forever be grateful that they have loved me and my siblings and provided for us.

Ma and Pa, I wish you ALL the best in the world. I hope and pray that you will stay the same for the next 25 years uli. Hehe!

Wala na po ako masabi kaya hanggang dito na lang. Basta, I love them both so much!!

Again, Happy SILVER anniversary Mama and Papa! I love you!! 😀

My family! Happy anniversary Mama and Papa!!!

    • catchan1980
    • July 25th, 2011

    Congratulations ulit sa kanila. Going strong ang happy couple!

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